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 Server-Enhancing Changes<3

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PostSubject: Server-Enhancing Changes<3   Wed Dec 07, 2011 3:28 am

^A monster, such as lesser demons(as in Dodian), that dropped holy/balanced/unholy book, dark mystic, and light mystic. Mystic should have stats slightly better in the order Blue(being least), Dark, Light.(most)
If this update happens the spell damage bonus on SHOP staves should be lessened to maybe +7 because to my knowledge it is +20 at the moment.

^Mourner should be added that drops ancient staff and adamant pickaxe.

^Tokkul shop should be removed *or tokkul rate should increase.

^Legends cape should have a mage bonus of +3-5.

*Drop rates for druids should be increased, limpwurt roots and eye of newt should be added to herblore shop ore added to drop of Ungaladulu in noted form of 50-200 each.

^Ammy of power from guards drop rate should increase.

^Iron-Rune pickaxe should be able to mine rune essence, currently only bronze will, to my knowledge.

^Be able to sell stuff to shop at home.

^Black Cavalier should require only 1 defense, requires 10 at the moment.

^Infernal Mage spawn should be sped up.


^Legends cape needs bonuses.

^Black Knight Titan and Fire Giant disconnections should be fixed.

^Fix mining cause it blows :/


In the future I may edit this list or start a new topic once I find more things I think should be changed.
Feedback please.

-Roger -D i z m o
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PostSubject: Re: Server-Enhancing Changes<3   Wed Dec 07, 2011 11:26 am

Can't fix that up, timer fked shit up
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Server-Enhancing Changes<3
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