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 Vps got Hacked

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PostSubject: Vps got Hacked   Tue Dec 06, 2011 12:31 am

The vps (Virtual private server) has been hacked, that's the message Timer sent me on 8:11 pm (Dutch time zone)
I also got access to the vps now. There are three people that have acces to the vps, there names are: Zamorak, Squad (me) and off course timer.
Somehow it got hacked, Timer removed one guy from vps a guy called Boxhad if im right. All i want is a good server; Xeonscape a remake of Dodian with a growing economy and a nice playercount. When the vps got hacked the hacker had access to Timer's account and started dropping random stuff. I was thinking to reset the economy, all we need to do is adding a economy reset system. We have to make the server safe to play for everyone that means only the programmers we can trust can have access to the vps. We trying to turn the back online as fast as possible.

Sincerly, Squad & Timer

~~Xeonscape staff
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Vps got Hacked
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