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 Price List By Oliver :)

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PostSubject: Price List By Oliver :)   Sun Dec 04, 2011 7:28 pm

ID: 1478 Name: Amulet of accuracy .Price-50k
ID: 1121 Name: Mithril platebody.Price-30k
ID: 1123 Name: Adamant platebody.Price-50k
ID: 1125 Name: Black platebody.Price-10k
ID: 1127 Name: Rune platebody.Price-200k
ID: 1071 Name: Mithril platelegs.Price-30k
ID: 1073 Name: Adamant platelegs.Price-50k
ID: 1079 Name: Rune platelegs.Price-200k
ID: 1159 Name: Mithril full helm.Price-5k
ID: 1161 Name: Adamant full helm.Price-10k
ID: 1163 Name: Rune full helm.Price-100k
ID: 1197 Name: Mithril kiteshield.Price-15k
ID: 1199 Name: Adamant kiteshield.Price-45k
ID: 1201 Name: Rune kiteshield.Price-250k
ID: 1187 Name: Dragon sq shield.Price-500k
ID: 1315 Name: Mithril 2h sword.Price-25k
ID: 1317 Name: Adamant 2h sword.Price-50k
ID: 1319 Name: Rune 2h sword.Price-500k
ID: 1305 Name: Dragon longsword.Price-700k
ID: 1329 Name: Mithril scimitar.Price-20k
ID: 1331 Name: Adamant scimitar.Price-40k
ID: 1333 Name: Rune scimitar.Price-500k
ID: 1355 Name: Mithril axe.Price-50k
ID: 1357 Name: Adamant axe.Price-100k
ID: 1359 Name: Rune axe.Price-200k
ID: 1436 Name: Rune essence.Price-500 Gp Each
ID: 1725 Name: Amulet of strength.Price-25k
ID: 1727 Name: Amulet of magic.Price-10k
ID: 1731 Name: Amulet of power.Price-50k
ID: 6585 Name: Amulet of fury.Price-5kk
ID: 6575 Name: Onyx ring.Price-3k
ID: 6570 Name: Fire Cape.Price-20M
ID: 6568 Name: Obsidian cape.Price-500k
ID: 775 Name: Cooking gauntlets.Price-500k
ID: 1837 Name: Desert boots.Price-500k
ID: 440 Name: Iron ore.Price-100 GP Each
ID: 447 Name: Mithril ore.Price-500 GP Each
ID: 449 Name: Adamantite ore.Price-2k Each
ID: 451 Name: Runite ore.Price-15k Each
ID: 453 Name: Coal.Price-300 GP Each
ID: 1271 Name: Adamant pickaxe.Price-100K
ID: 1273 Name: Mithril pickaxe.Price-50K
ID: 1275 Name: Rune pickaxe.Price-500k
ID: 4089 Name: Blue Mystic hat.Price-2M
ID: 4091 Name: Blue Mystic robe top.Price-2M
ID: 4093 Name: Blue Mystic robe bottom.Price-2M
ID: 4095 Name: Blue Mystic gloves.Price-2M
ID: 4097 Name: Blue Mystic boots.Price-2M
ID: 4099 Name: Black Mystic hat.Price-3M
ID: 4101 Name: Black Mystic robe top.Price-3M
ID: 4103 Name: Black Mystic robe bottom.Price-3M
ID: 4105 Name: Black Mystic gloves.Price-3M
ID: 4107 Name: Black Mystic boots.Price-3M
ID: 4109 Name: White Mystic hat.Price-5M
ID: 4111 Name: White Mystic robe top.Price-5M
ID: 4113 Name: White Mystic robe bottom.Price-5M
ID: 4115 Name: White Mystic gloves.Price-5M
ID: 4117 Name: White Mystic boots.Price-5M
ID: 4131 Name: Rune boots.Price-500k
ID: 4151 Name: Abyssal whip.Price-40M
ID: 4153 Name: Granite maul.Price-500k
ID: 7449 Name: Meat tenderiser.Price-50M Gives Alot Mage Bonus (IN THE REAL OLD DODIAN Smile
ID: 7458 Name: Mithril Gloves.Price-25k
ID: 7459 Name: Adamant Gloves.Price-50k
ID: 7460 Name: Rune Gloves.Price-100k
ID: 7461 Name: Dragon Gloves.Price-500k
ID: 7462 Name: Barrows Gloves.Price-15kk
ID: 39 Name: Bronze arrowtips.Price-250 Each
ID: 40 Name: Iron arrowtips.Price-300 Each
ID: 41 Name: Steel arrowtips.Price-400 GP Each
ID: 42 Name: Mithril arrowtips.Price-500 GP Each
ID: 43 Name: Adamant arrowtips.Price-1k GP Each
ID: 44 Name: Rune arrowtips.Price-10k Each
ID: 884 Name: Iron arrow.Price-30 GP Each
ID: 886 Name: Steel arrow.Price-500 GP Each
ID: 888 Name: Mithril arrow.Price-1,5k Each
ID: 890 Name: Adamant arrow.Price-3k Each
ID: 892 Name: Rune arrow.Price-7k Each
ID: 1511 Name: Logs.Price-500 GP Each
ID: 1513 Name: Magic logs.Price-10k Each
ID: 1515 Name: Yew logs.Price-5k Each
ID: 1517 Name: Maple logs.Price-2k Each
ID: 1519 Name: Willow logs.Price-1k Each
ID: 1521 Name: Oak logs.Price-750 GP Each
ID: 565 Name: Blood rune.Price-1-2k Each
ID: 6137 Name: Skeletal helm.Price-10kk
ID: 6139 Name: Skeletal top.Price-10M
ID: 6141 Name: Skeletal bottoms.Price-10M
ID: 6147 Name: Skeletal boots.Price-10M
ID: 6153 Name: Skeletal gloves.Price-10M
ID: 3057 Name: Mime mask.Price-500k
ID: 3058 Name: Mime top.Price-500k
ID: 3059 Name: Mime legs.Price-500k
ID: 3060 Name: Mime gloves.Price-500k
ID: 3061 Name: Mime boots.Price-500k
ID: 3140 Name: Dragon chainbody.Price-1M
ID: 4087 Name: Dragon platelegs.Price-1M
ID: 1149 Name: Dragon med helm.Price-500k
ID: 4587 Name: Dragon scimitar.Price-5M
ID: 7158 Name: Dragon 2h sword.Price-10M
ID: 2349 Name: Bronze bar.Price-200 GP Each
ID: 2351 Name: Iron bar.Price-500GP Each
ID: 2353 Name: Steel bar.Price-1k Each
ID: 2359 Name: Mithril bar.Price-3k Each
ID: 2361 Name: Adamantite bar.Price-3k Each
ID: 2363 Name: Runite bar.Price-10k Each
ID: 1042 Name: Blue partyhat
ID: 1044 Name: Green partyhat.Price-20M(NOT INGAME YET)
ID: 1046 Name: Purple partyhat.Price-20M(NOT INGAME YET)
ID: 1048 Name: White partyhat
ID: 1053 Name: Green h'ween mask.Price-15M(
ID: 1057 Name: Red h'ween mask


lol! lol!

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PostSubject: Re: Price List By Oliver :)   Sun Dec 04, 2011 9:03 pm

Bad price list, nobody has so much money, like party hats 500m.
Make the party hats like 10m, and there isn't even no party hat ingame yet.
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PostSubject: Re: Price List By Oliver :)   Mon Dec 05, 2011 2:12 pm

Thx alot for supporting lol XD
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PostSubject: Re: Price List By Oliver :)   

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Price List By Oliver :)
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