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 beginners guide by M e o w

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PostSubject: beginners guide by M e o w   Wed Nov 30, 2011 11:23 am

Hello all. Quick guide to beginning the easiest and most trained skill in Dodian, combat. Very Happy

Step 1:

When you first spawn you'll see rats where they are boxed in. This will be the beginning of your journey. They drop useful items to low levels such as iron equipment. I suggest training your stats to 20 in each skill before going onto the next monsters.

Step 2:

Take yourself to Taverly using this teleport.

After you get there head this way to your next prey. You'll find these in Taverly to the left of the herb shop.

Switch between boss in middle and the druids around you. Don't get discouraged if you die easily, you're just starting out. Grab everything that drops. Wear the mithril equipment you pick up for added bonuses. You should train on these 'til 50/60 in all melee skills, I suggest.

Step 3:

Teleport yourself back to home and follow the path to Moss Giants.

They look like this and drop valuable equipment of adamant quality. Great training spot til 60/70 in all melee skills or full adamant.

Step 4:

You're ready for some boss hunting now, you've proved yourself to Dodian and should start hunting some ruthless beasts. Your first prey? Dad! To get there teleport home and follow this path.

He looks like this if you couldn't tell which one he was already.

This guy is a monster for low levels, do NOT be discouraged if he kills you because he drops some of the best armour in the game, Runite. Keep at this guy and you'll get a Red Key to start tackling the key mini-game for access to higher level monsters and better equipment. Very Happy
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beginners guide by M e o w
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