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 Official Rules

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PostSubject: Official Rules   Sun Feb 07, 2010 12:07 am

The Forum Rules

Advertising - We do not accept Advertisements here. Any advertising of forums or other communities/websites will not be accepted. If you do happen to see advertising, you are to report it to a member of staff immediately and it will be removed. Advertising is not permitted by any means, anywhere on the forum. This includes signatures, profiles, graphics (or requests), private messages, usertitles, and such customizable spaces. There are exceptions for major websites such as google, youtube, yahoo etc. Note: Search engine links containing search results that lead to forums aren't allowed of course If you post an image that displays a link to a forbidden website, it is punishable. Referral website(s) are also not allowed anywhere on the forum.

Please understand that linking to a website which contains a forum link is STILL considered advertising, and is punishable.

Ban Evasion - Ban evasion is considered to be a severe offense, and if conducted, it will lead to even further and possibly more serious consequences. A temporary ban evasion may lead to a permanent ban, and then possibly an IP ban. Simply put, do not try to evade your ban; serve it and don’t risk your account. Account sharing / relaying messages from the banned user(s) is not allowed as well.

Harassment (Flaming) - Harassment will not be tolerated. The punishment for harassment will vary from mild, to severe depending on the situation at hand, offenses committed, and other such factors. Racism, ageism, sexism, discrimination, segregation, and such offensive manners are also considered harassment and under no conditions will they be tolerated. This includes offensive language that is directed at a member, or members of our community. There is to be no foul, stereo-typical, or abusive language allowed. Offensive language is permitted, but still discouraged, if it is not directed at a member of our community. If you receive any type of harassment via private message, please contact a staff member immediately.
Note: Harassment is the same as flaming.

(Organized) Malicious Conduct - Organized malicious conduct will lead to an un-appealable permanent ban. Organized malicious conduct can vary from denial of service attacks, group/mass spamming, and registering an account with intent to cause trouble. This also includes posting viruses or other malicious content in your posts, threads, private messages, and any other means of communication over the website. This be said, links or images that may lead to malicious content are also prohibited.

Pornography & Inappropriate links or images - You are not permitted to post or send links or images of pornography, child pornography, nudity, or obscure/inappropriate content to other forums members. The punishment for this is severe. This includes linking to websites that may redirect, contain, or lead to these types of links or images, as well as images that are disturbing. It also adheres to websites that may hijack ones browser, and phishing. (Disturbing images include bleeding dead bodies, innards, and other such content). Infractions, as well as bans will be laid immediately if you are caught participating in this offense.
Note: This also applies to your signature, avatar & profile picture.

Encouraging/Aggravating Others To Break Rules - You are not allowed encourage or aggravate others to break rules. This includes taunting, ridiculing & provoking. The punishment for this will vary on the severity of its outcome.

Discussion of Ranks/Groups - Discussion of other member's ranks within this forum is disallowed, the reason being that it causes other member's to harrass the particular person. Your account will be serverd with a temporary ban with a weeks length or more which can be decided by the moderator depending on how severe the action.

Spam - We do not allow spamming on our forums/IRC. Spamming also includes grave digging an old topic, or bumping a topic. The punishment for spamming will vary on the content and amount of content posted. Double posting is also considered spamming, and is not allowed. Please make your posts meaningful. Think about what you are posting before doing so, and make sure it abides with the forum rules. Posting meaningless messages will be considered spam. The spam section, and the usergroup specific sections are sections where one can post topics or replies which may not have any need or meaning. This is "spam", only not absolutely useless posts such as "soamfdjaijgnanhi". Other than this the full rules do apply here as well.

Posting/Releasing Personal Details Or Images Of Other Users - We will not stand for this kind of behavior. You are strictly not allowed to post sensitive or personal information of other members of our community. Do not even consider doing this without the full prior written consent of the person who's details or image it so happens to be. Action will be taken against your account unless you post picture or video proof of the written consent.

Graphics Ripping - If you happen to be caught ripping other people’s graphics work, you will be dealt with appropriately. The punishment under normal circumstances is up to the graphics team and staff. Ripping ones graphics is simply pointless. You gain nothing yourself, and risk a ban or punishment. Do not rip or leech other members’ graphics. This includes claiming others work as your own.
Note: Ripping is also known as stealing other peoples work.

Staff Impersonation - Impersonating a staff member will lead to a lengthy temporary ban. This includes manipulating another person to believe you are a member of Project-phoenix's Staff. This also includes manipulating new or confused members with your knowledge, and intentionally misleading them.

Respect - Respect is a very big deal at Project-phoenix, we may be a small community but treating other members with respect makes our community that much stronger, which leads to the community growing, please remember to respect any new member of Project-phoenix, do not push them away, welcome them with open arms as if we are recruiting someone for a guild (or clan) or even a family (if that makes you happier).

Application/Asking for a Staff Position - Asking/Applying to be a staff member in our forum is prohibited, such actions will remove you from our forum for several days, and even within the server. Asking for a position on our staff team will only hurt your chances here at www.project-phoenix.biz.

Game Rules

Rule 1: Offensive Language - Using language that is deamed offensive, racist, demaning, in any way will not be tolerated towards a player. Using offensive language not directed towards a player is fine, but at the same time, should be exercised sparingly. Most offensive language will result in a 24-48 hour mute, however racism will absolutly NOT be tolerated, and will result in a 1-2 day ban.

Rule 2: Item Scamming - Attempting to deceive another player of their items, in any manner will not be accepted, and will result in a ban, depending on the severity of the scam. Borrowing items is also a form of item scamming, and although friendships are accepting, items will not be returned, in any form of item scamming. This also forms in the area of "Duel Scamming".

Rule 3: Password Scamming - Attempting to deceive a player out of their password, in any variety of deception by any means(includes phishing), will result in a permanent ban of your account, and if repeated, will also result in an IP ban.

Rule 4: Bug Abuse - Using any type of bug to gain an unfair advantage on Project-phoenix, no matter the type of advantage, is not allowed. Bugs are an exploit that could be used to access areas, get money that shouldnt be in game, or anything else. Please report these as soon as possible, as exploiting them will result in a permanent ban. Bugs are not meant to be in the game, and we wish to fix them.

Rule 5: Staff Impersonation
Attempting to impersonate, or insinuating that you are a staff member of Project-phoenix will result in a character ban. It is a very serious matter, and could tie into other rules being broken. If repeated, it will also result in an IP ban.

Rule 6: Monster Luring or Abuse
"Luring" is when using magic or ranged, and you bring a npc away from its original point. 5 spaces is the limit for non-boss NPC's and 1 space for boss NPC's. Doing this will result in warnings, and eventually a ban if persisted. Abuse is anything to persist in a players non-enjoyment of the game. This will also result in a ban if persisted.

Rule 7: Macroing
Using any type of program to raise your levels while away from your computer is not allowed on Project-phoenix. It is a disadvantage to the legit players who click to earn their levels, at their own accord. We have our techniques for finding autoers and if caught, your account will be automatically banned. Persisted, and an IP ban will be placed.

Rule 8: Duplication
Duplicating items is not allowed on Project-phoenix. It is also a very serious offense, and could tie into other rules. If not reported immediately to a staff member, the player could face an automatic IP ban.

Rule 9: Encouraging Others to Break Rules
Encouraging another player is essentially the same as breaking the rule yourself, so not only will that player be punished, the culprit will as well. The punishment will be equal to the punishment of the other rules broken.

Rule 10: Misuse of Yell Channel
Although the yell channel is available for all players, it will be treated as a source to buy/sell items, and to host events, and such. Casual talk will also be allowed, but will be watched within boundaries. Misuse will result in a 24-48 hour mute.

Rule 11: Advertising
Advertising is a very ignorant thing to do. Project-phoenix doesn't go onto other servers posting their link, and neither should other players. It is incredibly disrespectful. Any advertising, and the rule breaker will be banned promptly. Persistance will result in an IP ban.

Rule 12: Possible Duped Items
This rule ties in with Item Duplication. If a player is in possession of any duplicated items, or bugged items, and a staff member asks for the item, it should be returned when prompted for it. Denial will result in a ban, and the item personally taken from the account. Duplication is a serious thing, and it messes with the stability of a server's economy.

Rule 13: Multiple Logging
Logging into multiple accounts is allowed, although 2 accounts per household is the limit. Anymore, and 2 warnings will be put in place. After that, one or both accounts may be banned.

Rule 14: Misuse of ::mod Command and Report Feature
Misusing the ::mod command to speak to mods, or abusing the Report feature is a serious offense, and a 1-2 day ban will be put into place for abuse of either feature.

Duel Scamming
Duel scamming, another form of item scamming, has its own punishments and guidelines which are listed below:
If you are asked to engage in a "Boxing" duel, you must oblige by removing all items that are equipped to you. If you are asked to engage in a "No Armor" duel, you must remove all equipment other than weapons. These rules also apply to any duel where clearly understood rules have been set in place for the duel.
If, at the beginning of a duel, you fail to check your HP level and it is below maximum, this is your own fault and items will NOT be returned unless a valid 'scam' is proven.
If you're unsure of a duel, please take frequent screenshots of the duel to assist moderators in determining validity.
This rule was put in place to help the players, not to be a nuisance for the players, staff, or the game itself.

Item Refunding/Item Lending
Project-phoenix.biz Staff in no way will refund any items lost during a unfair trade or duel, even with proof we do not refund items to any player for any reason. Also, when lending items it is up to you whether or not you wish to lend that item to the other person, we will not refund your lent item if it is perceived as 'stolen'. This also applies to staff cleaning banks, or inventories (for suspicion of duped/illegitimate items)

Trading Accounts/Game Items
You are in no way allowed to trade your server account(s), or account item(s) for other server items/accounts, or for RuneScape items/accounts. Anyone caught will be punished first by being muted for 2 weeks time. After the first offence your account will be banned permanently.

Note: Although some rules may not be posted, common sense is a factor in these rules. A moderator may ban a player for any reason, be it sane or not. The most important rule is, is to use your head before doing something, and to be smart about it.
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Official Rules
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