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 Hey, Damon here.

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PostSubject: Hey, Damon here.   Wed Oct 20, 2010 5:59 am

Hey guys, Damon here, decided to make an Intro, to give you some information about me.

Well, i'm 14, bout 5'3" (Very short, i know.) Brown hair, Gray eyes.
Very athletic, on track at school.
In ROTC, On Armed Ex. and athletics for that.
Been playing RSPS's for almost 4 years, back when the original Dodian was out.
Been coding RSPS's for maybe 9 months.
Total nerd, 4.4 GPA (Explained at end of topic.) 2 AP Classes, 3 Honors Classes, and ROTC.
Decided to take a break from all the 508's and 562's i've been playing recently,
and play a good old 317.
Hope you guys can handle me. Smile


*NOTE - About the 4.4 GPA, i know osme of you idiots will be like DUMBSHIT ZOMFG YOUZ CUN UNLY GEET UH 4.0!
You people are stupid. You can get up to a 5.0 at my school, if you take 6 AP courses, and you have A's in then all.

ABOUT AP CLASSES - An AP Classs is a college level course, and you get college credit for taking them, so long as you pass them. For each AP class you take, you can Increase your GPA by an extra .2 points. for example:

Period 1: AP Biology - Has an A - 5.0 for that class.
Period 2: World History - Has an A - 4.0 for that class.
Period 3: Algebra 2 - Has an A - 4.0 for that class.
Period 4: English 3,4 - Has an A - 4.0 for that class.
Period 5: Spanish 3,4 - Has an A - 4.0 for that class.
Period 6: ROTC - Has an A - 4.0 for that class.

Add up all the points.
5+4+4+4+4+4 = 25
Divide that by 6.
25/6 = 4.2
There you go.
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PostSubject: Re: Hey, Damon here.   Wed Oct 20, 2010 5:32 pm

Reed only half of it Razz too lasy to read the rest.But like i say to every1 else that join:Welcome to guardian!Be sure to vote for the server every dany and Read the rules...OR ELSE! Razz
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Hey, Damon here.
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